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Universal Love

In my book, Spiral Blueprint, I describe the glimpse I was given of true unconditional universal love, service, and gratitude. I was shown what unconditional love could mean in our lives if we actively attempted to embrace it. At the time, I had no reference point for the experience. I had never heard of out-of-body experiences and I couldn’t even put any of it into words.

In fact, I still can’t really say exactly how or what I felt. All I know is that, within a few seconds, the Universe opened up to me. Maybe it wasn’t even the Universe; it could have been my own consciousness opening up. Either way, I saw the world as it really is behind the veil.

Seeing Reality for the First Time

From then on, nothing has been the same for me. Ever since that moment, I’ve known that what today’s quantum physicists are saying is true: there is no empty space. There is only one vast, interconnected fabric of energy. We are beings of light contained within that fabric, bound to it and to one another in an incomprehensibly beautiful network of entanglements.

Once you connect with your higher-self, the connection can never be broken. The path before you becomes clear. You can stop questioning, worrying, and torturing yourself with self-judgment and fear of the future.

Needless to say, when this happened to me, I felt so relieved! I held onto that feeling and I allowed myself to be guided by it. A whole new world of positive possibility opened up. I was no longer defined by my ego and fears, but by what I believed and wanted to do. I started to see opportunities where none had existed before; I began walking a path of balance without struggling against it or wondering if I was missing something.

Understanding Unconditional Universal Love

All human lives have their challenges. I now understand that there is an unbreakable link between the fabric of the cosmos and human beings. The link is Unconditional Love. Actions, decisions, and opportunities that are fear-based create anxiety and disorder. We have to remember that life has comfort and a natural flow. This is the bond that keeps all of us (and all of existence) together.

What we focus on, we are. We all have the power to operate from a place of unconditional love, service, and gratitude if we choose to do so. It is our authentic center and natural connection to the Universe.

The mantra of unconditional universal love, service, and gratitude is adapted from the teachings of the spiritual healer Zhi Gang Sha. In his book, A Divine Transformation, he describes it like this: “Universal service is universal love, forgiveness, peace, healing, blessing, harmony, and enlightenment. If one offers unconditional service, one receives [the] unconditional blessing.”

With unconditional universal love, we attune our bodies to the all-loving, Divine universal love that created us. We clear away all the negative energy and feelings stored within us. These feelings derive from the teachings of conditional love. If we fail to love ourselves unconditionally, we will fail to receive or give love anywhere in life.

The Mantra of Universal Love

Speaking the mantra below announces your intention to welcome Unconditional Love and restore your natural connection with the Source. Your hands come together and rest over your heart, holding the love of Mother Earth and the Universe. This opens the channel for the positive energy to flow into your Being. From here, Gratitude and Service emerge naturally. As you begin to act from this place of wholeness and connection, you will naturally operate at your highest level.

Here is the mantra of Unconditional Love:

  • I am love,
  • I am whole,
  • I am important,
  • I am worthy,
  • I am love, joy, and all that I desire.
  • If you prefer something more direct, simply repeat the following Sanskrit seed sound:
  • Yam

Yam is the bija, or “seed” mantra for your Anahata, or “heart” chakra. Use it to open and balance your heart chakra, the energetic center of Unconditional Love in your body, thereby offering unconditional love to yourself.

Learning to Love Yourself

Self-love is a journey, not a destination. Your authentic self can take over, radiating gratitude and service from within and rippling out into the world around you through your actions. Love, service, and gratitude provide a meaningful path, but the meaning of this will be different for each individual.

Your path may not look anything like mine, but it will be your right path. By keeping your own channel clear and inviting the light of Unconditional Love into your very Being, you create space and the possibility for your own personal manifestations of service and gratitude, whatever they may be.

Lori Bogedin

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