Elementary Valentine

Oh how I miss the days when I use to “make” valentine day cards and stick on a piece of candy. Granted that I never really made the cards because my parents bought “Hey Arnold” or “Power Puff Girls” or any other 90’s/early 2000’s iconic cartoon cards. I would always take the time to write out each students name neatly on each card. For some reason I was obsessed with making sure each name was written perfectly because the recipient would READ the card. I black-people-blush at the thought of my former self. My motto in elementary school must have been “Put your best foot forward”. Now that is enough of quotation marks– I think I’m making myself sick. In addition, I’m mind singing song, The Motto, by Drake ft. Lil Wayne. Well, here is a glance at some Valentine day goodie bags that I made for some of my loved ones. I hoped that they enjoyed it. I love being loved. It’s hard to recognize the feeling now a days. Well, enjoy your day my chocolate love birds. 

Ciao Bella!


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